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Kellogg’s sharing their awesome project on Instagram.

dreams can come true


Making dreams come true is a rare thing but this is exactly what happened for a young boy who wrote to Kellogg’s asking if they could make train themed cereal.

Coming to us expressing his love for Pendolino trains and Rice Kripsies, Kellogg’s asked us to help design a bespoke Rice Krispies box that had his name on it and a Pendolino train.

As this was such a kind thing to do for him, we wanted to help in any way we could.

We adapted the pack to include a train whizzing round the back of the cereal and added a Virgin Trains uniform to the character.

Thanks to Toby’s mum sharing a video with Kellogg’s, we got to see how excited and happy he was with his gift.

Partnering with Kellogg’s and Virgin Trains on this project was a pure joy and something we’re very proud of!