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Not many offices with a view like this… our acoustic ufo’s

2019 Studio


It’s no small thing to move your family from one home to another but having outgrown our last studio this move was essential to our continued evolution.

We loved the 12 years we spent in Medway but the fresh air and quiet whispers of country life was calling. So in December 2018 we packed our stuff and moved to our new home in the Oasts at Lested Farm.

It’s a pleasure to be alongside another family run business and a joy to be working next to the colourful and fragrant farm fields that fill the views from the top oast windows.

With the hustle and bustle in the busy studio the balance of a calming country setting is just what we all needed.

If you ever venture over to us for a visit the creative decor, mellow studio music and happy slipper-wearing designers are sure to put a smile on your face.

The fact the our new corporate orange matches the rustic oasts and bright pumpkins growing in our back garden is a pure coincidence we swear!